Our process

Initial meeting

We start off with a meeting where we go into detail about your project. Most importantly we also discuss your business. In order to properly make a website that represents your business we need to know who you are, what you do and how.Based on this we will be able to have a good idea of the scope of the project and which functions,services and pages you will need to ensure the success of your future website.

Based on the results of this meeting you will receive a basic offer that will include the project time, pricing and breakdown of pages and features.

If you agree with the offer we will send a contract, once signed we are ready to get started with your project.

 Our pricing is based on a minimum starting point, the price will increase based on services and features needed for the project.


In this phase of the project we begin by making different designs for your website that suit your company’s identity. Not only this but we make sure that these pages are also user friendly ensuring that visitors can find the information needed and have no issues clicking through it.

During this phase we will schedule 3 meetings where we discuss the concepts. Your feedback is crucial as this will be your project after all.


Once the concepts are approved we will begin to build your future website. All our sites are custom built in wordpress. We make sure to only include what’s necessary for your project and avoid using any unnecessary code that would slow your site down,

We will keep you updated throughout the build phase of the project and will provide you with a link to a concept version of the website so you can see the progress being made.


During this phase we will test the various functions and forms of your website to ensure that everything is up to standard. Most importantly we make sure your site is viewable on various screen sizes and browsers.

Launch and support

Once we’ve tested the website fully and are sure it’s ready to go we will launch it to our hosting platform.  Hosting somewhere else is also possible but be aware we will not be responsible for any down time or issues that might arise on other platforms as this is out of our control.

If you choose so we can offer you hosting and support at a monthly price. We will ensure that your site remains updated weekly and secured. Each month you can use 1 hour of free work hours should you need to make any changes to the site. Anything passed that hour will be billed to you at a rate of 64 euros an hour.

Our prices

We start at a base price as stated below.Pricing for sites will increase depending on the project's scope and size. For example the addition of a webshop or custom build functions. Based on the initial meeting we will make a quotation and present this to you.

Starting price


excluding VAT

  • Custom built and designed WordPress theme
  • 5 pages
  • 2 forms
  • Domain name registration
  • Connection with google analytics
  • Basic SEO keyword setup
  • Hosting free for the first 2 months

Service level agreement


per month

  • Weekly updates
  • 1 hour of uncharged work per month
  • Website security
  • Hosting provided by us

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